Committed to building sustainable, equitable,
community-driven food systems to strengthen
the local food economy and promote healthy
lifestyles in the Mississippi Delta.

Growing Together: A Mentoring Network for Church
and Community Gardens in the Mississippi Delta

In the past couple of years, thirty-eight church and community gardens have sprouted throughout the Mississippi Delta with funding and technical assistance from the Delta Health Alliance and the Mississippi Department of Health's Delta Health Collaborative. Now that the infrastructure is built, including land, tools, soil cultivation, irrigation systems, and basic education to start fruit and vegetable gardens, the participants are enjoying their new experience as congregational and community gardeners.

The Delta Fresh Foods Initiative has begun to connect these gardens, and the newly minted gardeners, to learn together and encourage each other as they continue to produce food and engage their neighbors in the gardens. This network of resources, ideas, trainings, and fellowship, called "Growing Together," aims to increase the supply of fresh foods in the Delta by cultivating a supportive mentor network to develop the capacity of the local gardens and gardeners. Participants learn sustainable growing techniques through hands-on workshops and by visiting developed gardens to learn best practices.

Growing Together workshops include:

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