Committed to building sustainable, equitable,
community-driven food systems to strengthen
the local food economy and promote healthy
lifestyles in the Mississippi Delta.

Building Equity in Local Food Systems and Revitalizing Communities Through F2s

A team from MS Delta F2S made a presentation at the 7th Annual National Farm to Cafeteria Conference held in April in Austin Texas. We were invited to present a workshop focused on how our network uses farm to school as a strategy to ensure equity, get more nutritious food on the plates of Mississippi’s students and build local economic power.

The workshop was packed and the audience very receptive and engaged. An Open Space follow session built on the conversation and many personal conversations, messages and phone calls have ensued since the conference ended.

We would love to hear how others are building equity and community capacity around local food systems! A copy of the MS Delta F2S presentation will be posted soon and the conversation will continue through a blog to be created by Brooke Smith of WHY Hunger.